Make Believe

"When we were children, our make believe worlds could make us feel whatever we needed to feel: big and important, safe and secure, excited and inspired," says Seattle artist Sweet Punch explaining the motivation behind her music video Make Believe. "We could use make believe to entertain ourselves when reality was upsetting or boring. One's imagination helped create a second life and, in that life, anything could happen!" she says excitedly.

The music video brings to life the story of a little boy and girl who imagined together a beautiful place to escape to during troubled times at home. So, watch them build their Utopia, and find yourself imagining in Make Believe, too!

Music Video Production Tidbit

On the set: director says, "No Ice cream!"

There was a lot happening on the set of the Make Believe music video shoot for Sweet Punch. It was a warm June day, not a cloud in the sky, but daylight was burning out as late afternoon approached. Time was running short, and scenes still needed to be shot. Having started early morning, patience wore thin on the set. Then, it happened. The director suddenly noticed her actors appearing wide-eyed, excited, & jumpy. It was then that she heard it, the unmistakable music of the “Ice Cream Truck.” The music pierced the taste buds of the neighborhood. “Please! Could we stop to get some ice cream? Please, please, please?” The children pleaded. Although it was reported that the director looked directly into the eyes of her sweet, child actors and sternly said, “No! We must keep working!” The director, Bridget St John, was not available for comment.