"Sweet Punch" is Bridget St John

There was another Bridget St John singer/songwriter who experienced her fame back in the late 60's and 70's. I was getting emails and inquiries as to who I am and why I have her name (a lot of British fans of the British artist). I decided to change my stage name to the band name "Sweet Punch", a name we all agreed to (Jim Moore, Colleen McGrew, and myself). My first album "My Palace" sold okay for an indie artist, but I didn't like not having a band, so after my release of the album in 2001, I started searching for bandmates. Sweet Punch was formed a few years later. We released "Magic Stones" in 2004 under my record lable Arpeggio Records.  

Although the band broke up soon after the release of Magic Stones, we stay in contact. Jim and I have performed out together a few times to include the Rockrgrl conference in 2005. I've been performing in music and theatre since my youth, but my first experience fronting a band as the lead singer was when I was in the Army and joined up with some other GI's to perform classic rock in Germany. That was a ride I'll never forget! Presently, I'm working on a musical as I work in private practice as a family therapist in Washington state, often times using my music, drama, and art skills to help people. I perform ocassionally.