Around the time a friend of mine said to me, “Bridge, you should take your music to the next level, man,” the independent music scene was heating up. 1998 was the year I began bettering my craft. By the time I released my first album “My Palace” in 2001, all hell was breaking loose in the music industry. Music artists were taking over their own careers and creating an entirely new market...the "Indie Artist." Such pioneers as Derek Sivers of CD Baby.Com, Carla DeSantis of Rockrgrl Magazine, Ani DeFranco of Righteous Babe Records (and Indie Artist herself), were all paving the road for the rest of us trying to put ourselves out there for the world to see. Along with this new market were new skill sets I had to aquire to be the best Do-It-Yourself artist I could be.

I got tired…yup. Marketing is hard. But I didn’t stop singing, and I didn’t stop writing.
Bridget St John is --- Sweet Punch!
One day I got a review from a guy on (no longer in operation) who said, “Man, you need to be writing music for musicals.” Funny thing was, theatre was my first passion, and I majored in drama at the University of Washington. He picked up that hint of theatrical writing in my work. Smart guy, I thought. Hm. About a year later, I began working on my first original musical writing both the music and the dialogue. I figured if I can produce two albums, a single, and direct/produce a music video, why not make the next step in evolution a musical production? So, that’s what I’m doing!

I'm also a graduate student in psychology working towards my masters degree focusing on drama therapy. Music and theatre have been and continue to be so much of my life, and I will be using the arts to help people, too!
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